Nueces Delta Preserve- Coastal Bend Bays & Estuaries Program
3410 N Highway 77
United States
-97° -97' 0.43319999999994" N 27° 27' 0.36119999999983" W

The Nueces Delta is home to the Coastal Bend Bays & Estuaries Program’s educational programs as well as being a highlight of its conservation and land management efforts.

The 5,500-acre property near Odem provides a variety of habitats for investigation. Students and teachers can study freshwater ponds, estuarine bayous, marshes, prairies,and thornscrub ecotones to name a few.

CBBEP Field trips at the Nueces Delta are aligned to state standards and are available for all gradelevels. CBBEP Workshops help teachers to create a connection to nature within the classroom. Each workshop participant leaves with knowledge as well as equipment to continue environmental science in the schools.

Student-led data is a main focus of our education programs at the Nueces Delta Preserve. Students are helping us track what birds we see at the Nueces Delta Preserve in 2011. Our Big Year List will be updated monthly online for review. Other student data, including water quality are compiled for comparison and review.

In addition to these education activities, Nueces Delta Preserve is the site of several research stations and conservation projects. We’ve re-established a prairie wetland, built nest boxes for owls, planted trees and burned invasive plants. Our land management efforts work to conserve the property, enhance the habitats and provide a space for learning in nature.

The Nueces Delta Preserve is not open to the public at this time.

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